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“Practice makes perfect” misses the point.

Most people quit traditional music lessons for 2 big reasons:

    They’re bored out of their minds
    They aren’t Mick Jagger after their first lesson

We've got the first part handled. Everything we do here is fun and, even though a lot of learning is happening, it never feels like school.

The second one’s a little trickier. In this “everybody gets a gold star” world, quitting is often our first impulse when something feels hard.

But confidence is born when we face challenges head on and simply enjoy the process of getting better, one baby step at a time.

We live for the moments where struggle transforms into second nature.  

Meta Music is about so much more than lessons. We're unlocking music for people.  


Benefits that go beyond music

Screens off, rock on

This is peak brain development season — we get kids off their phones and into the joy of learning and playing music.

A supportive space

Our Sandy Springs studio is a close-knit, music-loving community of students, families, and teachers.

More time for you

Bundle private lessons with classes, clubs, or the MetaFest Band Program so your kids can play for hours while you take care of all the other stuff you gotta do!


Flexible experts who support adults and kids'

various learning styles, needs, and paces, from instrumentalists to music production. An amazing space for learning and performance.

- Will Johnson

In my 40+ years of experience with music lessons,

either for myself or for my children, I have never seen a more positive, holistic approach to music education. Both my daughter and I have been taking lessons for the last several months and every instructor who has worked with us, either regular or substitute, has been highly competent and knowledgeable in a variety of instruments and in music theory while at the same time drawing out our own creativity and joy in playing. My daughter also went to their week-long camp this summer and loved every minute!

- Kelli Jones

We're huge fans of Meta Music!

My son is there multiple times a week, and his love of music continues to grow. Meta is a huge part of that. We love that the lessons incorporate our son's musical interests while exposing him to new musical styles and artists. We can't say enough good things about Meta Music!

- Mike Floyd

 Thanks y'all at Meta Music!

I came here with the fear of singing in front of someone and not an ounce of musical knowledge or experience in me. Its been weeks and I already feel competent and ready to hit the karaoke stage! Kat is an AMAZING coach and Adam's customer service and the way he operates his business is phenomenal. I wouldn't try any other place.

- Ryan Brennan

The team at Meta is the best in the biz.

Their approach to music instruction makes it meaningful, real-world, and incredibly fun for kids AND adults. No more boring music lessons - the teachers are super cool, the space is rad, and the ownership cares more than any business we've ever worked with. We're so grateful for Meta - it's what's been missing in this industry for decades!

- Amanda Averill

The Meta approach to music lessons

Traditional music lessons introduce reading music on the very first day, but nobody learns a language by learning to read it first.

Every human instinctively learned their first language simply by listening and communicating with experts. 

So why does so much music education begin with book learning?

Books and sheet music have a place — but it's not the first step.  Learning to play by ear isn't cheating, and it also isn't a magic power that some people are born with but most are not.  You simply need to be taught in the same way that you learned to identify colors.

Our curriculum is structured, intentional, and deliberate - but lessons at Meta Music never feel like school.


Students are too wrapped up in making music to realize they’re learning.

Private Lessons are just the beginning - find your group

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Music 360

We built this class specifically for absolute beginners.  From here, students will be equipped to go anywhere. 


Ideal for elementary-aged beginners

Classes & Clubs

From Bootcamps to Jam Nights - get connected with people that are just as obsessed with music as you are.

EXPLORE Classes & Clubs

For early intermediate players and up

Band program

Nothing compares to the feeling of playing on stage with your best friends in front of a packed house.  


Where any musician levels up

Classes & Clubs

Just get in here!

Here’s how it works:


Start your membership

Browse the schedule and find what excites you the most - 
you can always make changes


Keep coming back

No matter your age, regular music practice is one of the best things you can do for your brain.  At Meta Music, we aren’t just learning music — we're learning how to learn. 


Marvel at the progress

Af first it may just sound like noise, but before you know it the music starts to flow as students develop technique, embrace their creativity and explore their world like never before.


Putting in the time

Most music schools stack 30-minute lessons back to back to back to back to… 

But our lessons are 45 minutes long, with 15-minute breaks between sessions — which allows us to:

Go over what students have been learning and practicing

Build on it with new material and play time

Give instructors the breathing room they need to be ready for every lesson

Week over week, the time adds up: More time together means stronger, more passionate musicians and all-around cooler humans.

Our mantra around here: “It’s all about the student.” And this is just one of the many ways we put it into action.

Meta Music is incredible!

It’s the real deal, the musicians are dedicated and professional and the environment will make anyone want to play.

- Julia Hoitink

Our 4 year old LOVES Meta Music!

He comes home after every lesson going on and on about the drums and everything else that he gets to use. He's always loved music, and Meta is a great way to let him explore this passion he has.

- John Councilman

I have been taking music production and piano lessons 

there for about 4 months now and could not be happier with the entire experience. The space is inspiring and the staff is amazing. Their unique approach to teaching music makes learning fun and engaging. A great place for all ages and skill levels!

- Skip Blankley

My nephew has taken lessons here for years and loves it.

He’s now working there while in college. My son recently started electric guitar lessons and LOVES it. He feels so comfortable there and has met a bunch of people. He just joined a band there for the semester on top of his lessons. It’s a great, welcoming place for your child to pursue their musical interests!

- Coleen Rosenberg

Our high school senior just wrote his college essay on music and the impact it has had on his life and it all started with Adam and Meta Music

The team at Meta Music are fantastic musicians and teachers. They make learning fun - encouraging innovation through song writing, trying a new instrument and playing with a "band" of other students and teachers in what can only be described as really cool studio space!

- Mindy Doster

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