The Meta Music Way

Meta Music exists to provide a refreshing alternative to traditional methods, designed for how today’s students learn best.


A path to personal growth and happiness

We’re called META Music because learning a musical instrument has benefits that go way beyond just your musical abilities. Learning an instrument unlocks hidden parts of yourself that have a spillover effect on other areas of your life. Learning an instrument can boost memory, language skills, and concentration. It can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and provide a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. 

In other words, learning to play an instrument makes you a better human.


Not your grandma’s music lessons

When you think about traditional music lessons, you probably envision a little old lady that slaps you on the hand with a ruler when you make a mistake. She’s got a smelly cat, a grumpy disposition, and insists that you learn really boring songs. Some students do well in this environment. As you might expect, most do not.

We’ve re-imagined everything about music lessons so that it could be the best part of your day.

Fortunately for all of us, this is also the best way to learn!

Meta Music students learn how to play from the very first day. No more drudgery, no more mindless repetition of exercises. The studio environment is creatively inspiring, exciting, and a second home to many students.

A recording studio built for teaching


Based on neuroscience

If you enjoy it, you’ll learn a lot more. It might seem obvious, but in the world of music lessons, it’s shockingly rare. Our approach is grounded in tons of research cognitive neuroscience to optimize the learning process, but the real magic is in making all of that invisible to the students. They’re having a great time, soaking up new skills and information like a sponge, completely unaware that they’re learning at all - and that’s exactly the point.


Intuitive approach

Music is a language, but hardly anybody teaches it that way. When students are allowed to learn in a way that fits with how the brain is naturally wired for learning, the results speak for themselves. (Hint: strict rote memorization isn’t the answer)

Think for a moment about how anyone learns their first language:



You learn to speak (play) way before you learn to read


Make Mistakes

Students feel comfortable making mistakes and venturing outside of their comfort zone which is where real learning and growth happens!


Become Fluent

You’re surrounded by fluent speakers, subconsciously picking up on nuances of the language 

Do we teach our students how to read? Of course, but when it makes sense for each student.


Meta Music is incredible!

It’s the real deal, the musicians are dedicated and professional and the environment will make anyone want to play.

- Julia Hoitink

Our 4 year old LOVES Meta Music!

He comes home after every lesson going on and on about the drums and everything else that he gets to use. He's always loved music, and Meta is a great way to let him explore this passion he has.

- John Councilman

I have been taking music production and piano lessons 

there for about 4 months now and could not be happier with the entire experience. The space is inspiring and the staff is amazing. Their unique approach to teaching music makes learning fun and engaging. A great place for all ages and skill levels!

- Skip Blankley

My nephew has taken lessons here for years and loves it.

He’s now working there while in college. My son recently started electric guitar lessons and LOVES it. He feels so comfortable there and has met a bunch of people. He just joined a band there for the semester on top of his lessons. It’s a great, welcoming place for your child to pursue their musical interests!

- Coleen Rosenberg

Our high school senior just wrote his college essay on music and the impact it has had on his life and it all started with Adam and Meta Music

The team at Meta Music are fantastic musicians and teachers. They make learning fun - encouraging innovation through song writing, trying a new instrument and playing with a "band" of other students and teachers in what can only be described as really cool studio space!

- Mindy Doster

Flexible experts who support adults and kids'

various learning styles, needs, and paces, from instrumentalists to music production. An amazing space for learning and performance.

- Will Johnson

In my 40+ years of experience with music lessons,

either for myself or for my children, I have never seen a more positive, holistic approach to music education. Both my daughter and I have been taking lessons for the last several months and every instructor who has worked with us, either regular or substitute, has been highly competent and knowledgeable in a variety of instruments and in music theory while at the same time drawing out our own creativity and joy in playing. My daughter also went to their week-long camp this summer and loved every minute!

- Kelli Jones

We're huge fans of Meta Music!

My son is there multiple times a week, and his love of music continues to grow. Meta is a huge part of that. We love that the lessons incorporate our son's musical interests while exposing him to new musical styles and artists. We can't say enough good things about Meta Music!

- Mike Floyd

 Thanks y'all at Meta Music!

I came here with the fear of singing in front of someone and not an ounce of musical knowledge or experience in me. Its been weeks and I already feel competent and ready to hit the karaoke stage! Kat is an AMAZING coach and Adam's customer service and the way he operates his business is phenomenal. I wouldn't try any other place.

- Ryan Brennan

The team at Meta is the best in the biz.

Their approach to music instruction makes it meaningful, real-world, and incredibly fun for kids AND adults. No more boring music lessons - the teachers are super cool, the space is rad, and the ownership cares more than any business we've ever worked with. We're so grateful for Meta - it's what's been missing in this industry for decades!

- Amanda Averill

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